dimanche 11 septembre 2011


The items available are crafts made the prisoners in Long Kesh, Portlaoise, Magilligan, Crumlin rd, Armagh and Mountjoy: leather crafts, cottages, harps, crosses, bodhrans, hankies, etc.; cards, christmas cards, stickers and stamps; leaflets from the 50's and 60's; posters; records and T-shirts; papers and magasines, etc. I'm not selling any of them. I'm still looking for new items. All those items are originals items and from my personnal collection.
They were bought in the last 40 years in Ireland , Great Britain and France.
This blog is not perfectly organised. I know. It's what i want. You can discover items and have surprises.
Material is added to those blogs on a regular basis - information on this page may change
Thank you very much for your visit.

new additions


for their family circle : Pauline, John, Tony...
and friends from France and Ireland : Aaron O'N., Christine P., Dominique F., Corinne S., Claire L., François L., Jim McI. , David B., Dominique L., Jacques L., Joseph McC. ...
Copyright Information The photographs in this blog are the copyright (c) of the photographer (Gilles Le B.). A copy of the pictures may be downloaded for private study or personal use. Anyone requiring photographs for commercial use, or use at a web site, should contact me for further information. The original
artwork, in for example, posters, badges and postcards, is copyright of the original artist or designer.
Ireland Great-Britain Irish British Republican Loyalist Nationalist Unionist IRA I.R.A. INLA I.N.L.A. UDA U.D.A. UVF U.V.F. RHC R.H.C. OIRA O.I.R.A. POW P.O.W. Political Prisoner Sinn Fein IRSP I.R.S.P. Provisional Official Provos Provies Long Kesh Ceis Fada Easter 1916 Crossmaglen Derry Bogside Creggan Bodenstown New Lodge Road Ardoyne Ballymurphy Falls Road Shankill Crumlin Jail Maidstone Magilligan Prison Goal Newry Lurgan United Irishman Unity Divis Flats Army South Armagh Sandy Row Belfast Ulster 6 Counties Beir Bua Orangemen Hunger Strike Internment Portlaoise B Special RUC R.U.C. UDR U.D.R. Fianna Eireann Oglaigh Army Association Brigade Volunteer Blanket Men Kevin Barry Billy McKee Proinsias MacAirt Joe Cahill Maire Drumm Daithi O'Conaill Seamus Twomey Ivor Bell seamus Costello Ruairi O'Bradaigh Gusty Spence Gerry Adams Bobby Sands Wolfe Tone Martin McGuinness Ian Paisley David Ervine Billy Hutchinson Brendan Hughes Bernadette Devlin Martin Meehan Terry O'Neill James Connolly Gerry Bradley Padraic Pearse Michael Gaughan Tom Williams Mairead Farrell Patsy O'Hara Frank Stagg Saoirse Bloody Sunday Billy Reid Carrick Hill Sean South Irlande libre solidarité


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