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Belfast IRA attempt to assassinate King George V, 22nd June, 1921
On the 22nd June, the IRA attempted to assassinate King George V of England at the first opening of the northern parliament in Belfast. The opening formally denoted the beginning of partition.It’s not clear if the assassination attempt was an official operation, though. Certainly it’s not openly listed among the Belfast Brigade operations when they were documented during the 1930s. The plan for the attempt appears to have involved members of C Company, 1st Battalion (from Carrickhill) and D Company, 2nd Battalion (from North Queen Street).
The high level of security around King George V and the parliament opening meant the IRA unit didn’t get close enough to carry through the operation. The plan may have been to try and get close to the King disguised as RIC men. During an RUC search of the yard behind a shop on the New Lodge Road in 1923, a barrel containing a small arms dump was found. It held a Webley revolver and over 100 rounds of assorted ammunition, cleaning rods and other items. It also included a pair of RUC trousers. The dump belonged to Bill Steele, who was part of the unit that was to assassinate King George V. As Steele wasn’t there, the RUC arrested two of his brothers instead. Neither was charged with the possession of the dump and both were set free within three weeks. source :
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